Turning Point Security


Turning Point Security Ltd provide a host of security services. Reassurance, consistency, professionalism and last, but not the least, peace of mind is what we contribute.

With Turning Point Security Services, Peace of Mind is guaranteed!

Our inventory of services:

Registered Door Supervisors: Our door supervisors are trained and licensed to SIA standards, and ready to be deployed at licensed venues and events. They make possible the smooth running and operation at the venue.

Stationary Guards: For specific requirements, these security officers are the best option. From offices to construction sites to theatres and malls, stationary guards are mandatory in today’s environs. Regular patrolling offers protection and security and keeps trouble-makers at bay.

Retail Security: These guards are positioned at the entrance or at any high value areas of an outlet. They are not only effective in restraining potential shop lifters but also helpful in scrutinizing loss and control of stock.

Event Security: Festivals, live music concerts, sport events, high-profile exhibitions, and celebrity weddings are some of the events where safety is a principal concern. We undertake a thorough risk assessment to make your event a safe and sure success. We work with the police and other public authorities to ensure smooth running of operations.

Corporate Security: Earlier only Fortune 500 companies could afford security, but now even small organizations need it. To protect infrastructure, people and businesses without restricting their activity is not an easy task. But if security is well incorporated and supported, it can add value and competitive advantage to a business.

Close Protection: Whether it’s a movie star, a high net worth individual, a VIP, or a sports star, we offer security to meet various requirements. From working in the background along with fully mobile units and static teams for home protection, our experiences at the highest level has given us the confidence to qualify to protect the stars and people in the public eye.

CCTV Operations: Today everyone from a retailer to a corporate organization, CCTV camera has become mandatory for security. However to reap the benefit, in-depth knowledge in this field is recommended, so that the client actually gets the added value of a CCTV operation. Not only should the client be able to view the area of concern but also other points of interest with peripheral vision.

Turning Point Security has a much sought-after reputation as a leading security consultancy. Our matchless breadth and depth of expertise, utilizing the best of today’s technological advances to make your life peaceful, is our motto. Years of hands-on experience and our unparalleled reputation is the core strength of our business.